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About us

Strategic Water is a Belgian startup, aimed at water technology providers, merging cutting-edge data science with water treatment technologies, in order to optimize performance and increase sales.

Our mission is to bring advanced data analysis and machine learning solutions to the water sector, optimizing facilities, lowering costs and driving investments into new markets across the globe.

We do this by building a platform that allows central oversight and analysis across a network of treatment units. Our platform actively analyzes the treatment plants and their cloud data, extracting correlations with the most advanced data analysis tools.

Strategic Water is proudly supported by the European Union’s EIT Climate-KIC programme.

Our core values

Optimizing facilities

Optimizing facilities

We collect high quality, systems-wide data to monitor performance, track results and optimize operations

Value static costs

Lowering costs

We put your data to work, engaging with local actors in order to maximize utilization time and lower overall costs

Value static expansion

Driving investment

We give you the confidence to expand into new markets, certified and backed up with hard data

Our platform

Platform overview

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Meet our team

Stephen Andersen
Stephen AndersenFounder, CEO
Keith Morgan
Keith MorganChief Operating Officer
Giacomo Bellandi
Giacomo BellandiWater Engineer
Hiram Ergetu
Hiram ErgetuBusiness Developer
Tom De Nies
Tom De NiesSoftware Lead

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